Cheese and apple tartines (toasts)

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Temps de préparation :

20 minutes

Ingrédients (pour 4 personnes)

- 4 larges slices of bread
- 200g/ 7oz Pur ewe’s cheese with Espelette chili
- 3 apples
- 1 Shallot
- Sun dried tomatoes, chopped or puneed
- Chives
- Olive oil
- Espelette pepper
- Salt

Préparation de la recette :

1. Cut the cheese tome with Espelette chili and apples in small cubes.

2. Toss in a bowl, cheese and apples

3.  Dress the mixture with minced shallots, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, salt and Espelette pepper.

4. Add bits of ham or chicken if desired to this mixture.

5. Toast the bread slices, and while still warm, spread with sun dried tomatoes.

6. Arrange a few spoonfuls of the seasoned apple mixture on top.

7. Decorate with chives.


Goxoa; delicious!