Our values...

Expertise & gourmet pleasure

In order to offer you the finest cheeses, our farmers must first provide the best care to their animals in order to obtain the finest product:  top quality Basque milk.  Next, all of us at Onetik must contribute our expertise to transform the milk into cheese through our dedication to produce 100% natural cheeses, aged to gourmet perfection.  Each cheese is therefore unique.


Onetik practices continuous quality control from the moment we collect our milk to the testing of aged cheese in our cellars.  Our company is dedicated to ongoing quality and strict food safety through our IFS Food certification (International Food Standards) version 6.


Basque cheeses are unquestionably an important part of French gastronomy, which is why Onetik strives to preserve Basque tradition throughout our company and favor local expertise. Onetik maintains a policy of hiring locally those who share our company values.  Our goal is to encourage local businesses and favor the regional economy.

Sustainable development & support for agriculture

Through our partnerships with local farms, Onetik seeks to limit environmental impact and sustain pastoral lands by preserving extensive grazing.  In this way we help conserve an exceptional environment of great beauty and character.