Métiers with craftsmanship...

berger-guide-moutonsOnetik cheeses are the fruit of craftsmanship connecting with nature.  From antiquity to today, skills and knowledge passed down over generations continue to give our cheeses their unique flavor.

Dairy Farmer : In the Basque Country, 3 ancient breeds of local sheep have been traditionally kept:  the Black-Face Manech [manèche], the Red-Face Manech and the Basco-Bearnaise. These are the ewes that provide top quality milk Onetik needs to make our fine cheeses.

Cheesemaker : Our cheesemakers  are the guardians of our recipes. Managing the entire transformation of milk to cheese, they ensure the quality of our cheeses year round.

Cellar Master Affineur : Our affineurs take particular care that our cheeses are aged to perfection. They closely monitor the maturation process in our cellars, making sure our cheeses develop their distinctive aroma and flavors.