Serving & storage tips...

IMG_6132_2Our cheeses taste better at room temperature, so it’s a good idea to take them out of the fridge at least an hour before serving.  Let the cheese slowly come to room temperature in order to fully appreciate the flavors.

To compose your cheese tray, first choose a serving dish made from natural materials.  Glass, wicker, wood or ceramic are preferable to metals such as silver or stainless steel that should be avoided at all costs since they can alter the taste of the cheese.

Cheese is sliced differently depending on the type.  Medium thin slices are recommended for goat, cow and bleu cheeses.  Sheep milk cheese tastes better served in wafer-thin slices.  It tastes delicious on canapés, in sandwiches, grated or thinly sliced over a salad.

 A good question: Is the rind edible ?

 All our cheeses have natural rinds and are perfectly edible; the rind is where most of the flavors are concentrated.  Eating the rind is a therefore a matter of choice and personal taste!